Profit Prison 'Gilt' LP

Happy release day to Profit Prison as his first official full-length album drops today!

It took four years and one pandemic since his latest Dreams Of A Dark Building EP, but the herald of dungeon synth pop is finally back from his shallow grave.
With Gilt, Seattle-based solo producer Parker Lautenschlager marks one further step towards the dark corners of italo / hi-nrg body music. 
Typical vocals and melodies, reminiscent of OG synth masters from the 70's and the 80's, are here lurking in the mix and waiting to haunt you and drag you down in one sulfurous dancing spiral. What's more, tracks got longer in Parker’s recent songwriting, with most of the songs being now five minute long and reaching peaks of seven minutes with the closing, progressive disco jam of A.R.P. (Amphetamine Research Project). Nothing short of a lucid dream on the floor of Studio 54.
Medieval-punk artwork by French artist Robin Roche delivers the perfect graphic vibes to match these sounds too.

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