Welsh synth-pop duo Plastic Estate released their self-titled debut album with us over 2 years ago. They have now returned with the band staking claim to a new identity.

Moving away from darker sonic roots, their sound has progressed to a brighter, more polished aesthetic with fresh influences from the Hi-Fi luxury of West Coast sound and the smooth cuts of 1980s Post-Disco. 
Their live performances have evolved, revealing only the duo now on stage as silhouetted figures against a backdrop of a curated light show, swaying through their own marque of smooth electronica and sentimental ballads.

Their new single Open Eyes is out on all streaming platforms, and is a track filled with glossy opulence, grounded by a carefully-woven percussive ensemble. It’s bright, intricate, and lush, and establishes the act’s new definitive sound going forward.

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