Poison Point 'Wandering Echoes' LP & CD

Happy release day to Paris-based producer and live artist, Timothée Gainet for his trancey body music solo project Poison Point's new album Wandering Echoes is out worldwide today!

Nine new tracks for the romantic and the nostalgic at heart.
Enter a crystal world of imaginary memories with the opener Blue Idol and float on the scales drawn by the synth arpeggios. Rude awake to Mysteries In Fire's intoxicating body music and start wandering the room around you. Keep up the pace with bangers loaded with electricity, romance and angularity like Flowers & Surrender, Echoes Of Dreams, Slow Kill, Fast Love. Get sweaty as you reach the end of the journey: final Les Meurtrières de LʼAube will show you the way to the rest of the just.

Ivory white limited edition LP and digipak CD available from us in Europe and our official U.S. webstore stateside.

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