Crush Of Souls - (A)Void Love LP

Happy release day to Mr Charles Rowell as his solo project Crush Of Souls drops a new album today!

Coming from an arduous two years of literal blood, sweat and tears - with gigs becoming infamous with guitars smashed to pieces, broken glasses, unruly audience front flipping onto the stage - every bit of drama, creative wanderings around Europe and sleep psychosis can be found within the walls of (A)Void Love.

With Paris providing the background and a scene of friends such as avant-garde drag artist Tuna Mess and industrial techno veteran Poison Point who pushed his creativity even further, Crush Of Souls constant spirit is that it remains unpredictable and thrives on collaboration. This is even more true with his newest record.
There’s always been a thread of synth-punk, death rock and DIY noise running through all of Charles’ projects (Crocodiles, ISSUE, Flowers of Evil), however Crush Of Souls pushes harder and further into the darkness with (A)Void Love.

Out today on all platforms and smoked vinyl limited to 300 - GET IT HERE -

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