Deluxxe is a new post punk/new wave band from Buffalo NY, sharing members of Oi and hardcore bands such as Violent Way, Bad Blood and Exhibition.

Their punk background can be heard in the music, but it’s the love for darkwave and goth that led to creation of their debut record.
Written in the cold winters of Buffalo, you can almost feel the harshness of the weather affecting the sounds that propagate from these grooves. Icy and frostbitten but somehow still relevantly civic and urban. You can tell some skinheads are involved here because the outcome is so tidy and neat, without losing one inch of atmosphere or enchantment.

Check out the first single Queen Of Hearts
FFO The Chameleons, Echo And The Bunnymen, Sad Lovers And Giants, Soft Kill.
If You Were Me is out September 22 on black vinyl LP limited to 300.

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