Happy release date to Male Tears as their brand new full-length flies the KRYPT today.

The LA-based duo consisting of vocalist James Edward and synthesist Frank Shark has come a long way since the breezy sounds of the first self-titled album, traversed darker waters with their sophomore Trauma Club, and finally delivered the perfect formula of equally aggressive and romantic Hi-NRG Body Music.

KRYPT is their third record and it shows a fully grown ensemble capable of pushing everything over the top; blending elements of darkwave, goth rock, EBM and futurepop into a sound they call Dark Rave aka a celebration in music and look of life’s most bizzare shades, driven by some of the best dark humor you’ll find around.

So Dance with me, my dear, on a dancefloor of bones and skulls / The music is our master The devil controls our souls.

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