BLIND SEAGULL 'Personal Decay' LP

Happy release day to Blind Seagull for their new album Personal Decay flies out today!
After releasing tapes and limited edition EPs for quite a few years, the trio from Kaliningrad has finally taken up the challenge of a proper full-length (previous recordings were seven or eight tracks at best) and has created twelve new songs that shine a light on the impressive skills of this young combo to deliver very classic and yet extremely fresh and modern cold post-punk gems.
Keeping it short and sweet, their two, three minutes long compositions cut right to the chase of the darkwave soul: stomping drum machines, frozen guitar arpeggios, tense bass riffs.
The formula is occasionally rocked by the intervention of laser synths, noise raids and gothic chorale, while the industrial pi├Ęce of the title-track and the IDM-tinged collaboration with Xiu Xiu show how this band stands out and Personal Decay is the best proof of this.


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