Two years after their previous mini album, Spanish techno-meets-new wave duo SDH returns with a banging EP.
There is a duality rooted in the soul of this project that is reflected in the line-up as well as in the music. While Sergi Algiz is behind the machines propagating a wide spectrum of electronic beats, Andrea P. Latorre offsets the night club vibe with her emotional, romantic vocals.
The same dichotomy is perfectly represented by their new 12-inch Maybe A Body, produced by Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios in LA and mastered at Dadub Studio in Berlin, out April 29.
The title-track is throbbing EBM with traces of 90’s trance/progressive, the B side is filled with synth-pop bliss. To power things up, we have called two of the best electronic producers to remix one track each. Maybe A Body has been given to Phase Fatale who has created the perfect dancefloor filler, All Of That has been reworked by Pablo Bozzi who literally exploded the italo groove.

The official video for Maybe A Body directed by Duelo is out too and premieres at The Brvtalist.

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