Third LP edition of East Rome acid minimal synth-punk duo Holiday Inn’s debut full-length Torbido is here today! 
A collaboration between Gabor (Aktion, Metro Crowd) on voice and Frenchman Bob Junior (Trans Upper Egypt, Bobsleigh Baby, Hiss) on synth and drum machine, the duo mixes hallucinogenic dub-infused punk anthems, industrial boogies for wide eyed dreamers, acid techno tunes for electro jungle b-boys and ravers of the future. Torbido is shaped and scarred by the unauthorized development of buildings in the Roman suburbs, it’s nostalgic and nasty and by all accounts their strongest manifesto yet. 
New vinyl run limited to 300 in cahoots with Maple Death, comes with a special square poster by Leopoldo Villegas Félix.

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