RITUAL VEIL - Wolf In The Night EP

Ritual Veil is the Portland, OR based synthwave outfit formed by A. Alexander Wolfe (vocals), Tim Iserman (synth & programming), Wolfgang Williams (guitar). 
Coming from bands in their DIY punk community such as Steel Chains, Smoke Rings, Petite and Flesh, Ritual Veil formed to create something fresh but informed by Depeche Mode as well as contemporaries She Past Away, Body Of Light, and Drab Majesty, all under the aesthetic influence of Dario Argento’s Suspiria and Inferno films, as well as the artwork of Tom Of Finland. 
After only a short time playing together, the band released their debut cassette release Wolf In The Night in the fall of 2017. A six track EP of synth wave that somehow feels like an updated take on the 35+ year-old sound - not feeling dated in the slightest which plagues many bands who attempt this style of music today. 
After multiple sold out cassette and Cd editions of this EP in the U.S., Russia, and Spain, Avant! is proud to announce the proper vinyl edition of Wolf In The Night
Black vinyl 12", comes with insert.

Physical copies available HERE 
Digitals HERE

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