Hello everyone! It's been a little while since our last update.
We will soon announce our next releases, but today we are pleased to show you some new records up for sale in our STORE!

A KIND OF GHOST - Diseased LP (Brouillard Définitif)
DEATH DAY - No Future 12" EP (Mannequin)
FATHER MURPHY - Pain is on Our Side Now 2x10" EP (Aagoo, Boring Machines) 
GERMAN ARMY - Last Language LP (A Giant Fern)
MAI MAI MAI - Theta LP (Boring Machines)
MICK MILK - Wait For Go 7" (Attractive!)
SIXTH JUNE - Pleasure 12" EP (Mannequin)
SLEEP MUSEUM - White Like Summer Sutures LP (Anna Logue)
V/A - Tunes That R... Attractive! LP (Attractive!)
VON TESLA – Raised By Clear Acid 12" EP (Boring Machines)

More to come!
•Y• - The Dance Of The Illusion 12" EP (Burka For Everybody)
BELIEVER/LAW - Matters Of Life And Death LP (Chondritic Sound)
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – The Final Egg CD (Black Bunker, Heidens Hart)
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – The Final Egg LP (Black Bunker, Heidens Hart)
HAND OF DUST - Without Grace Or Glory 7" (Blind Prophet)
KOFE - Balance LP (Other Voices)
LUMISOKEA - Apophenia 12" (Opal Tapes)
NOVY SVET - Doce LP (Kill Shaman)
PRONOISE – Low Light Vision LP (Horizonte Espectral)
PRURIENT - Palm Tree Corpse LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
ROBERT TURMAN - Beyond Painting 2xLP (Fabrica)
ROBERT TURMAN - Way Down LP (Burka For Everybody)
STRESS - The Big Wheel LP (Other Voices)
VEILED – s/t LP (Blind Prophet)

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