NIGHT SINS "To London Or The Lake" LP out now

Nothing says dark like Philadelphia. And that's exactly where Night Sins, a project taken on almost entirely by singer/songwriter Kyle Kimball hails from. Last year we released their debut LP titled New Grave, now, after the recent US tour with EBM wild men Youth Code, the new album is out on Avant!.

On Night Sins sophomore release To London Or The Lake, you can immediately hear a more focused and defined Kimball. It's a Night Sins in their comfort zone with a more polished sound that now brings in traces of Gary Numan’s catchy synth leads and Siouxsie's vocal melodies, but still keeping the driving guitar of that is reminiscent of The Mission or The Cult.
Kyle Kimball himself, talking about To London Or The Lake, says: “The record is lyrically about longing and musically I tried to write the soundtrack to The Lost Boys movie if it came out in 2013”.

Comes on 33 rpm 12” vinyl LP.
A press of 500, with full-color printed inner sleeve.

Buy your physical copy HERE
Buy the digital edition HERE

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