While we are waiting for NIGHT SINS To London Or The Lake LP to be ready, we are pleased to say we have some new cool records up for sale in our STORE!

BÉZIER – Ensconced 12" EP (Dark Entries)
BURMA CAMP – Repulsion 10" (Mira)
DER NOIR – Numeri E Figure LP (Bloodrock)
FIGURE STUDY – Lesson One 7" (Dark Entries)
FIGURE STUDY - s/t LP (Dark Entries)
GERMAN ARMY – s/t LP (Skrot Up)
INHALT – Occupations 12" EP (Dark Entries)
LEAETHER STRIP - Teenage Demos LP (Dark Entries)
MAX + MARA - Less Ness LP (Dark Entries)
THE BELLICOSE MINDS - The Spine LP (Sabotage)
YOUTH CODE - s/t LP (Dais)
V/A - Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer LP (Posh Isolation)

More to come!
CROATIAN AMOR - The World LP (Posh Isolation)
DEATH DAY - No Future 12'' EP (Mannequin)
GERMAN ARMY - Last Language LP (A Giant Fern)
MICK MILK - Wait For Go 7" (Attractive!)
SIXTH JUNE - Pleasure 12'' EP (Mannequin)
SLEEP MUSEUM - White Like Summer Sutures LP (Anna Logue)
STRESS - The Big Wheel LP (Other Voices) 
THE TOY SHOP - 4PlayEP 7" (Attractive!)
TREPANERINGSRITUALEN / DEATHSTENCH - Split 12" Picture Disc (Malignant)
V/A - Tunes That R... Attractive! LP (Attractive!)

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